It’s Cocktail Hour!


We know Summer is officially here when the heat makes us crave an icy, cool cocktail! But what’s better than sipping delicious drinks with friends, you ask? When it’s paired with a beautiful cocktail ring, of course!

We’re here to share some drink and jewelry pairings with you so the next time you’re out for a drink, you’ll look extra hip while you sip.

source: photo + recipe

First up is the Pear Batida. In Spanish, batida literally means “shake”. So ladies, whether you’re out on a first date or meeting your future in-laws, you can shake off the jitters with a pear batida and a stunning moonstone ring by Leah Alexandra!


source: photo + recipe

Make the most of summer’s harvest by mixing up this fruity cocktail! Did you know that blackberries have some of the highest anti-oxidant levels of any fruit, and also help to fight the signs of aging? Next time you host a party, pair this cocktail with a mysterious labradorite Marcia Moran ring, and everyone will be wondering what your secret is!



source: photo + recipe

Oh how we love the calming sound of the ocean waves rolling into the beach. This particular Alexis Bittar amazonite and quartz doublet ring has us day dreaming about being on the Mediterranean Sea. Although we would highly recommend not wearing jewelry near bodies of water, we’re not ones to judge about daydreaming.


source: photo + recipe

Long gone are the days when we used to don raspberries on our fingertips. Instead, wear this Ruby nougat ring by Leah Alexandra while sipping this delicious drink! As some of you may know, Rubies are stones associated with love, so it’s only natural that we paired it with a fruit that we’ve loved since childhood.

source: photo + recipe

This drink and jewelry pairings list would be incomplete without French 75! It’s safe to say that it’s one of our favourites. When this blend was first created back in 1915, it was believed to have such a kick, that it felt like being shelled with a French 75mm field gun! However, there’s no need to fret, because this amazing citrine and mother of pearl doublet ring by Alexis Bittar will make you feel like you have a shield of armour on hand!

Come see us at the shop (we’re open until 8pm on Fridays) and pick up a cocktail ring to enjoy with a delicious drink out on the patio this weekend!

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